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Anugerah Skreeen, 2010..


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 Have you ever had a friend online? Yes friends you never once see them up. Only through an online acquaintance. In fact, you feel her is the best online friends that you have never met in life. Willing to treat yourself to all this madness.  Their willing to make friends with honest without any intention behind it. And doesn't care who you are.


I could not imagine and I do not know where it started, suddenly it has started. And at the end of this year, she has given me the awards. Although for some people assume it is not much, but for me it was exhilarating moment of my life. For the giver, Thank you so much for the reward. ha ha ha.. I will strive to maintain it.

Nota Kaki:
For someone special in my life, don't worry you are only in my deepest heart. ( do not jealous ya!)

Nota Kaki lagi:
My English are broken, because Mi no spik inglis... kah kah